Wild sex positions online

This will take a while, but think of it as a fun treasure hunt in which you're searching for the most orgasmic pleasure possible.4.

Man-Missionary This last sex position is great for women who like being on top and having a bit more control during sex.

*wink wink*If you want crazy sex, then you need to learn some crazy sex positions.

To stay in the Amazon position, you can grab his legs and push them backward, or if you like, you can have him wrap them around your back.If you are looking for a wild sex position that hits your G Spot, then you’ll adore the Down Stroke.It’s pretty insane and requires considerable strength from your man, but it can be a lot of fun.To set up in the Amazon sex position, your man first needs to lie down on his back and pull his legs open and back towards his chest, leaving his crotch very exposed.You then need to straddle his crotch and lower yourself down onto your man.

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