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We watched some episodes in Irish class a month or two ago, it as very funny, especially the way the "gaeilgóirs" lapsed into English when they couldn't think of a word "tá sé comh cute! My Irish teacher told us that a friend of his (also an Irish teacher) went on it and when he was asked why did he go on it he answered "because it was cheaper than going to Thailand" Yeah thats great too.

I remeber watching one set in Tralee or something and one guy got a shop called 'glitzy rags',another got 'utopia' and the other got 'french connection. And they always have shots of the presenter walking down the street and posing at the camera.

Yesterday, TG4 launched its autumn schedule in the brand-new O'Donoghue Centre for Theatre, Drama and Performance in NUI Galway.

The three writers proposed small temporary buildings for Gaeltacht regional television services broadcasting a limited number of hours each night with programming coming from each of the Gaeltacht regions around the country.

RTÉ and the Irish government had sought to improve the availability of Irish-language programming on RTÉ services.

TG4 launched its high-definition channel (TG4 HD) in 2012 on Virgin Media Ireland.

The first HD broadcast featured the 2012 TG4 Ladies Gaelic Football Championship final.

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