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This two days course aims to train navigators in the practical use of the Transas Navi-Sailor 4000, and satisfy the requirement for ECDIS familiarisation.

This Distance Course is delivered by Safebridge Gmb H hosted through Seagull Training System and approved by Transas as product specific training for Transas Navi-Sailor 4000.

But if your sailing is concentrated in one area – for example charts for the West Country or Ireland South Coast – both £11.99 or French Med £17.49, the pricing of these charts might be better value than having to pay for access to charts for the whole country or region.

They are, incidentally, simple and quick to download on a mobile signal and seamlessly paid for through Apple i Tunes.

We tested the i Sailor i Pad app as part of a group review of portable chartplotting software. Charts vary in scope and price – eg £11.99 UK chart area, £17.49 Baltic Southern Part, £17.49 Spanish Med Edit: Feb 2017 – This test is superseded by i Sailor review by Pip Hare.

i Sailor i Pad app has clear, easily viewed charts with optional boxes to display lat and long, course, distance, XTE and ETA, without having to change the whole display.

The charts are expensive if you need a large area: £11.99 per folio in the UK, with 18 folios covering the whole country, variable pricing elsewhere.

The development of navigation apps has now advanced to the stage where tablets are being used regularly by many sailors as a primary means of navigation on board.

With the recent integration of wi-fi NMEA data to the mix, tablet navigation systems have found a permanent place in our arsenal of instruments.

Transas offers best-in-class navigation systems and integrated bridge solutions, recognized training and simulation solutions, well-known VTMS and coastal surveillance systems, shipping company and port management systems, onboard and individual decision support systems for professional crew and pilots, as well as popular applications for leisure and the marine mass market.

Transas operates more than 20 own regional offices as well as its global network of partners serving Transas customers in more than 120 countries.

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