Taylor momsen dating ben phillips

The album spawned three moderately successful singles, most notably "Make Me Wanna Die".The band released the Hit Me Like a Man EP in early 2012.

Now, when the phrase “actor-musician” is mumbled, it immediately conjures up horrifying images of Bruce Willis crooning a cover of “Under the Boardwalk,” or Russell Crowe howling away in 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.A plethora of publications deemed her “the next Lindsay Lohan” for teenage “transgressions” ranging from puffing on cigarettes to dressing provocatively.She was hounded by the prying paparazzi, desperate to label her a partied-out starlet.“Once, my tampon string was put on the Internet when I was 15 because some asshole shot up my dress and it made big headlines,” she says.Jenny was, as the concerned Dad would say, a real piece of work; a Machiavellian social climber who pushed pills, covered up a cancer misdiagnosis, and was deflowered by the town lothario.It proved such a convincing turn that those in the tabloid media seemed to conflate Momsen with her troubled small screen character.

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