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I would be working with a student, and I would ask them whether a graph had a positive or negative slope.When they said they didn't know, I would then ask, "Which side of the Christmas Tree does the graph look like?Arapahoe Basin stands at 13,050 feet and beckons skiers with more than 100 trails and seven chair lifts.

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There is quick access to the slopes via the new 8-passenger River Run gondola, as well as Discovery lift, Argentine lift, Peru Express and Summit Express which run constantly.

Getting around the many shopping, lodging and dining areas is easy with free transportation that runs from 6 a.m. Keystone received good marks in reviews that note the friendly service and exceptional terrain, with the only exception being the price, with some reviewers noting it is the most expensive place to ski.

My first cooperating teacher at the high school level shared with me this method of teaching slope.

After introducing what slope was, we asked the students to draw a tree in their notes. Instead, they would learn how to draw a special kind of tree.

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