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“I think people prefer to memorize passwords in poetry form, compared to some phrases.” It may seem farfetched that with a few words, someone could memorize 60 random digits, but think about it for a millisecond.

Rhythm, rhyme and meter allow ordinary women and men to memorize epic poems like “The Odyssey,” with its 12,000 lines.

Weeks after being given a randomly generated 16-syllable poem password, 61 percent of study participants correctly recalled it.

The computer program then randomly creates a string of 60 0s and 1s and fits the words to it like a jigsaw puzzle.Click here to return to the page you were visiting. Component Component({ url: "Web\/New Faces", id: "web-new_faces__0", parent Id: null, local Id: null, params: , data: { new Faces: [,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,{"aid":1753797103,"name":"Nelly","url":"https:\/\/ Statuses":null,"photo Count":10,"default Photo":{"id":1815594860,"aid":1753797103,"square":"https:\/\/\/30\/17\/97\/1753797103\/1815594860_square.jpg?The critical balance between security and memorability is famously elusive.Passwords tough enough to withstand an attack are impossible to memorize.

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