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I got to the bedroom after getting home and saw my wife wanting to surprise me after seeing me down for the last couple of weeks but she was the one in for the surprise as Marcus and all the guys he had brought with him pushed me out of the way as all the them quickly came into our bedroom.They had the bed surrounded as her bathrobe was quickly yanked off of her to expose her naked body for all of them to now stare at.The Dalits’ lives are ordered by the principles of untouchability, which dictate what they are allowed to do; where they are allowed to live, go or sit; and who they can and cannot give water to, eat with, or marry.Frank was the first guy to take my wife's pussy and she did her best not to show him any reaction and his white cock was not much bigger than mine.I had heard every struggling sound my wife went through as she worked every inch of his long black cock into her mouth.

They said that the Khap panchayat – that are all Jats - took the decision to rape my sister and me and parade us naked. Horrific tradition: India’s Supreme Court has ruled that these village councils – known as panchayats – are illegal, but they continue to operate across India.

After media attention local politicians have come forward but still the family are in danger.

But these cases would not happen in this country if the police act appropriately and did their job.

Pictured, the Ganges River in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Sumit said: ‘I am still in shock that the Khap panchayat could be so disgusting.

I knew it was going to be bad, I knew our family would be in trouble but I never expected this.

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