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There's a reason why the Greeks and the Romans during the classic period depicted most men with "darker" pigmentation.

Back then, having a tan due to sun exposure was a manly trait which could show everyone that a male person was sincere, a warrior who fought in the first line and hard working.

For instance, the following ones having to do with Aphrodite. Venus Anadyomene (meaning "rising" in Greek), a mural from Pompei believed to be a copy of Apelles' work (he lived during the 4th century BC).

They are all exceptional artworks, depicting the same archetype. The model Apelles used for his painting was probably Campaspe, Alexander's mistress. Some will continue to argue that all this Roman art was made AFTER the people got mongrelized, presumably by gifted mongrel artists.

And if Rome forced language adaptation, why not in Britain?

Which brings up another guestion: If the Celts came and took the birthplace of amber from (as Jubainville says) the Ligurians...

The horse made a strange neigh which seemed like he appreciated the painting.

Apelles hearing this said "My king, your horse knows more about art than you do!

That land is the birthplace of the Frisian language... Some of them still are: Just because Jackson Browne speaks poetry rather than prose, doesn't make his views on "the Viet Nams" any less real.) Bochart seems to be saying that the Phyrgians are Gomer's people.

""Hard by is a sanctuary of the Heavenly Aphrodite; the first men to establish her cult were the Assyrians, after the Assyrians the Paphians of Cyprus and the Phoenicians who live at Ascalon in Palestine; the Phoenicians taught her worship to the people of Cythera."--Pausanias, Description of Greece Why not?

"The Turdetanians are ranked as the wisest of the Iberians; and they make use of an alphabet, and possess records of their ancient history, poems, and laws written in verse that are six thousand years old, as they assert.

Norman/Viking blood is the likely origin of blondism in present southern Italians and occurs occasionally in my own family.

Starting this post i expected to find at least one depiction of blondism, but even the fairest of females have black or brown hair, something that is pretty weird, considering that in today's Mediterranean countries about one fourth of girls has at least one natural occurring Nordic-like phenotype.

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