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In Mexico, breakfast is called "el desayuno" and brunch is ordered as "almuerzo".Roughly translated, those words mean "super-hardy meals filled with color, spice and flavor that match the character of the people who live in Mexico".But the fact is that Lopez was born in New York by parents of Puerto Rican decent.The reason people mistakenly believe she is Mexican is because she's spicy and colorful, much like the people of Mexico, or more importantly, much like the breakfasts of Mexico.Around the year 1500, Spanish conquistadores coined the name "tortilla" which means "small and flattened." Spicy And Colorful If one were forced to encapsulate the nature of Mexican breakfasts in a word, that word would be "spicy and colorful".A lot of people think Jennifer Lopez is from Mexico.At first gulp, it might taste somewhat burnt, but that impression fades the more you drink.

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"Chocolate con agua" and "chocolate con leche" translate to chocolate with water and milk, respectively, but when you consider that the drinks might also include egg yolks, heavy cream, masa (corn dough), molasses, vanilla, cinnamon and any number of other spices, "chocolate with water" is like referring to pizza as "bread with sauce".The Tortilla Often called the "Bread of Mexico," the tortilla is the defining element of a Mexican breakfast.Just like people in other countries might put eggs (and bacon!Black beans become more popular the further south you travel.Thanks to the prominence of beans in Mexican cooking, most people eating a Mexican-Style breakfast in the United States now get to enjoy beans in the morning.

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