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He thinks that’s one of the reasons that so few people with disabilities enter the work force.(The Bureau of Labor Statistics cited it as just over 17 percent in 2014.) “I think there are still a lot of misconceptions about what people with disabilities are capable of,” he adds.When he first started school in 2012, the complexity of the task threw him into a panic. Different elevators have different button sequences: sometimes there are four columns, sometimes there are two.“There were times when I was on the elevator, looking for the ‘3,’ and I couldn’t find it, and the elevator’s going up and down, and up and down,” he says.Blind people face many challenges in their lives that the majority of the society cannot even comprehend.While poor employment opportunities may be one of the obvious side-effects of living in the world without sight, socialising and starting romantic relationships could be even more complicated.“That’s hard to overcome.” But now he’s adjusted to life as a blind person—and that’s largely because of assistive technology.He’s lived in New York since he was four years old, almost 40 years now, and doesn’t want to leave. , a no-frills GPS locator that he uses when he’s traveling by car, or walking down an unfamiliar street.

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To help locate the position of the keys, his Apple keyboard is outfitted with adhesive dots. “Take one finger and swipe it right,” Chalkias advises. Keep the contact briefer.” A blip—like leveling up in a video game—tells me I’m in the right place. He’s wearing an oversized purple shirt and pants with a tear over the knee. WLIJJ is the best I can do—three minutes later—before I accidentally close the window. Chalkias has cloudy blue eyes and tufts of blonde hair.The site stores users’ data, and when they pass an intersection equipped with the technology, the environment adapts to fit the preselected preferences.Chalkias is about to start his fourth year as a graduate student at Hunter College, where he has to navigate labrynthine buildings connected via bridges that weave over Lexington Avenue.

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