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It's because she was playing with a child at Radley. UPDATE: Facebook user Hannah pointed out that this theory mistakingly says Spencer was adopted in the books when she was, in fact, born through artificial insemination.

When you have lost your own child, how do you find the strength to make sure that other people don’t lose theirs?

Fujita did not visit her often at either parent’s home.

There have been tons of fan theories that implicate the show's stars, but after six seasons of close calls, you've become pretty sure that your five faves would never turn to the dark side.

On July 4, 2011, 18-year-old Lauren Dunne Astley was strangled and slashed to death by her former boyfriend, weeks after their high school graduation. With other members of First Parish in Wayland, Massachusetts, she had travelled three times to New Orleans to help rebuild the city after Hurricane Katrina. Her former boyfriend convinced her to meet him alone on her way home from her job at a clothing boutique.

Lauren had tried to break up with him several times, but he never seemed to take no for an answer. The Boston area was gripped by the brutal murder, and then by the trial a year and a half later.

Or how she dressed up as Mary Queen of Scots — the woman who plotted to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I so she could take the throne.

And the fact that all the other As have had a connection to Radley and Spencer is the only Liar who's spent time there.

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