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Lauren Frances Frances is an internationally acclaimed love and relationships expert, author and seminar leader.She is also the discreet “go-to” love expert for Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, and her love coaching practice spans the globe.When you don't set clear limits up-front, they get the luxury of taking you out of the field and keeping you in "audition mode" indefinitely.

Look for her this fall on Bravo’s The Real Housewives Of Orange County, Comcast’s Dating on Demand, NBC’s Your LA, and The Huffington Post.

And while he was "finding himself and "figuring things out," you agreed to refuse to take bids from other buyers.

Instead, you put the property on hold for him indefinitely, let him live in it for free, gave away your cats because he was allergic to them..slept with him, too!

This is like offering men an uncollateralized loan of your emotional capital.

You agree to take yourself off the market for a man who's not ready to fully commit to you because you're either: a.) Having amazing sex with him, or b.) He mentioned that he wanted to get married "someday" when you both went hiking.

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