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So it's only natural that these individuals only mingle with their own race.

Because no one around them and none of their friends date Black girls, these White guys will probably stick with what they're used to and what they understand to be normal.

Growing up as a Black girl who had primarily attended private and predominately White institutions, the following question has always been on my mind: Apart from those who want to satisfy some sort of fetish, why do White guys from upper-middle class suburban areas (generally) not approach Black girls, or girls of color for that matter?

In an earlier article of mine, I discovered why some Black men degrade Black women.

Research from the dating app OKCupid has even proved that Black women are least desired.

That means that, on average, all men go for girls of other races before "settling" for a Black girl. Why aren't Black girls desired by anyone -- in this case, by White men?

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"Maybe they just don't know what to say," says Asenov, "I don't get it, though, they're just girls." And that's the thing, Black girls are just girls.

Young individuals (often White) from suburban, upper-middle-class households are more likely to stay within their communities, more than any other social class.

Similar to the situation in my past article regarding a Black man who ridiculed and hated Black women because of the stereotypes he believed, it is possible that some White men believe the same.

In the Reconstruction, Harlem Renaissance, and Civil Rights eras, many stereotypes of Black women arose from the widespread literature that misrepresented them. There are a lot of White guys out there that date Black girls or are married to Black women; that is obvious.

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