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But the game warns sacrifice is sometimes necessary, and with perseverance, you’ll likely come to love this interesting twist on a pair of classic a modern take on classic blasting action that harks back to Space Invaders.To stave off obliteration, you can equip, charge, and activate defense cards.It’s a bit bewildering at first, but everything becomes clear once you’ve played the tutorial and a few rounds.

Each level is full of spikes, pits, monsters, and platforms, along with piles of gold coins to collect.

Benevolent pilferer Beat Sneak Bandit vows to get them back.

Amazingly, everything is controlled using a single thumb, which propels Bandit onwards.

But instead of lobbing the occasional pot-shot at lumbering green beasts, Super Crossfighter is a neon-infused affair, with bullet hell aplenty, and a thumping techno soundtrack.

There’s also the ‘crossfighter’ bit, which alludes to the way you can leap back and forth between the top and bottom of the screen.

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