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Well, your wish is my command and seeing is believing.Here I have posted a listing of some of my top selling vintage porn.And in most cases the sex in these films go far beyond the sex in the current rash of shot on video porn.In fact the bulk of these titles have been banned due to there mixing sex with violence, bizarre subject matter or outright illegal sex acts! NOTE: All titles are now available in DVD format, as well as VHS. Please see our Home page before you order for all specific rules and regulations regarding ordering and paying for Adult material.Despite the fact that Wood was at his most alchoholic period in his life, these porn loops are perhaps his most original material.It seems that Ed toiled in this field for so long that he literally laid down the template to how these films were made.Loop titles include Sound Super 8mm Loops (1970's) is our latest compilation for you and it features Super 8mm films which came with live soundtracks.

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GRANDPA'S STASH (1950/60's) Here's our latest compilation of vintage 8mm loops.All of these films were shot in the 1950's & 60's, this was the type of material your grandparents were getting off on.Prior to the porn loop coming to popularity in the early 70's, these were films you had to order through the mail and are some of the earliest recorded hardcore depictions of sex. Over 90 minutes of Wood at his most delirious and jaw dropping.Also included for your audio as well as visual pleasure is Swedish Erotica #164 Apartment for Rent starring Eileen Wells, Johnny Keyes & Jonathon Younger.And if that's not enough you get Joggers Delight (with Billy Dee) and an original theatrical trailer for The Devil in Miss Jones. THE AGONY OF LACE LASH & LOVE (1970's) Ok folks, this is anyones guess.

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